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How Fast Are Fastbraces?

FastbracesNot many people like to hear that they’ll need braces, but for a lot of people, braces are the only way to achieve a straight, beautiful smile.

Many envision braces as the telltale rite of passage through middle school, not something for adults.

Whatever the reason may be, there are adults who need braces.

If you fall into this category, hearing that you’ll be wearing braces the next few years may seem like unpleasant news. You’re an adult. You surely don’t want to look like a 7th grader.

You would like to have invisible braces, but your teeth are so much out of alignment that you don’t qualify for them. There are also some trouble teeth that have grown in improperly, causing speaking and eating difficulties along with producing an embarrassing smile.

What if there was a way to wear braces where you can get them off a lot sooner?

What Are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces are a new type of braces that require less wires and produce similar results in less time as traditional braces. Fastbraces are an effective treatment option for patients with severely crooked, crowded, tiled teeth. This high-performance bracket system corrects the root of teeth which then results in straight, proper teeth.

There are two types of Fastbraces: The Classic Series and the Turbo Series. With the Turbo Series, treatment can be completed in as little as 120 days. There is also a clear option as well that is made from ceramic.

Fastbraces utilize triangular brackets on teeth to accurately, efficiently and effectively adjust the roots of crooked or in-grown teeth so the teeth would grow in straight and in the correct position. The brackets have built-in arms that are constantly adjusting the teeth into the correct position. This technology reduces the use of rubber bands and metal wires which result in more comfort and shorter treatment time. The bracket tooth alignment technology also reduces the frequency of orthodontic office visits as the brackets adjust the teeth.

Unlike traditional braces that only move the crowns (the visible part of teeth), Fastbraces effectively move both the crowns and roots of teeth at the same time.

Fastbraces vs. Traditional Braces

The greatest advantage Fastbraces has over traditional braces is the shortness of treatment time. As the name implies, these braces produce results in significantly less time as traditional braces, and therefore, are fast. The average treatment time for Fastbraces is 3 months to one year, with many patients achieving a perfectly straight smile in 6 months. Traditional braces, on the other hand, typically take two to three years for treatment to be completed.

The brackets of Fastbraces are also more comfortable than those of traditional braces. They are smoother, causing less tearing and irritation to the inside of the lips and of the tongue.

Traditional braces are not only uncomfortable and not pleasing to look at, but they are also expensive, costing thousands of dollars.

The accelerated treatment duration, reduced rubber band, metal use and necessary orthodontic visits necessary in Fastbraces treatment also cut down on their costs, making them a more affordable option.

Fastbraces can be inserted on any dental patient, regardless of the severity of their dental alignment issue.

For more information about Fastbraces, contact LeDowns Dentistry today to set up a consultation to see how Fastbraces can help meet your orthodontic needs.

LeDowns Dentistry is one of the select Fastbraces affiliates in the United States. We strive to stay current with the advancements of orthodontic and dental advancements so our patients can get the best quality care.

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