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Bringing Confident Smiles to Denver

Sunny Day in Denver Colorado

The Mile-High City is a great place to live. Within one mile, you can find three major sports stadiums, three colleges, museums that focus on art and history, an aquarium, the Mint, theme and water parks, and the second-largest performing arts center in the nation.

If any of these criteria say anything about the residents here, it is that we appreciate health, fun, and beauty.

Here at LeDowns Dentistry, we try to bring those three criteria into our dental office as well, because when you can describe your own smile as healthy, fun, and beautiful, that’s how we know that we’ve succeeded.

All of our dental services are based around helping you achieve your goals for a good dental health and aesthetically pleasing results. Let’s take a closer look at how each of these elements contributes to building a confident smile in Denver.


Having a healthy smile is important to your overall health. At LeDowns Dentistry, we go beyond general cleaning and repairs. We have all the best in technology to help treat the problems that teeth sometimes experience.

Some of the most cutting-edge tools we have help us take better digital impressions for crowns, evaluate TMJ and muscle activity, analyze the force and timing of your bite, and monitor the health of your gums and teeth with digital x-rays.

We know that maintaining a healthy mouth makes you feel better about your smile.


Trips to the dentist office shouldn’t be focused on pain and guilt. Our office strives to be a fun place for patients of every age.

Some dental work comes with some discomfort, which is the opposite of fun. We utilize technology and refined procedures to counteract that problem. For example, our cameras help catch problems as they are happening so that we can prevent future pain down the road. Lasers have been integrated into many processes in our dental work as well. These are less painful and use light as energy.

We can treat gum and tooth problems with less poking, scraping, and drilling. We don’t even use scalpels in the office now since lasers have proven to be more sterile, limit bleeding, and promote healing in soft tissue procedures with virtually no pain.

With all the fun gadgets in our office, patients are often amazed while they watch the pictures of their mouths. Our staff always takes the time to answer question and make sure our patients feel comfortable.

Kids also feel more comfortable here since they don’t have to feel tricked into getting shots or held down by their parents. Even if the equipment seems intimidating at first, our capable hygienist and dental assistants can easily put a tense patient at ease with a quick demonstration.


The ultimate mark of a healthy smile is seen from a distance. The radiant, bright, clean look of teeth that are well taken care of is unmistakable.

Even during the coldest months in Denver, everyone should have a reason to smile.

If one of our patients comes looking for a Denver smile makeover with full mouth restoration, we can do the work all in our office. All our biocompatible restorations are made by one of the best laboratories in the United States with all the best material. We personally inspect all the work they do before putting anything in a patient’s mouth.

We firmly believe that being a Denver CO Dentist doesn’t mean we must be average. Instead, we believe it means taking the qualities we most admire about the people here and incorporating them into our practice so we can better serve the population. That’s what bringing better smiles to Denver is all about.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to schedule an appointment or come in and see our office for yourself.

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