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Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Millions of people suffer from teeth discoloration. Even those who routinely brush, floss, and have regular dental visits may find that certain foods, drinks, environmental factors, or just the passage of time can have an effect on natural teeth. Fortunately, you can achieve a sparkling-white smile with professional teeth whitening Denver CO. This can lighten or even completely eliminate stains.

Our at-home and in-office teeth whitening services will guarantee you a brighter more radiant smile. Whether you are looking to feel better about your appearance, trying to impress at a new job or important interview, or wanting to make your smile it’s very best for an upcoming party where you just might meet your soulmate with your bright-dazzling smile, teeth whitening is the choice that is increasingly growing in popularity.

So How Does it Work?

There is in office whitening and at home whitening. All you have to do is choose which works best for you.

In Office Dental Whitening

Many people choose this option because of the speed of the process. We can have your teeth looking pearly in just one visit. In some cases, this method can take less than an hour. Office teeth whitening also offers the peace of mind and comfort of being monitored safely by our professional staff and you’ll receive expert advice during the procedure.

We will polish your teeth to remove any plaque on the surface of the tooth. Your mouth will be isolated with gauze to keep your teeth dry during the whitening, a barrier will be used along the gum line for protection, and a re-tractor will be used to hold your cheeks, lips, and tongue away from the whitening solution.

The front surface of your teeth will then be coated with the bleaching solution. A curing light or laser is often required for their heat to activate the peroxide. This can take anywhere from 30 to 60 mins.

Once we have reached an optimal shade, or the maximum time for this procedure has passed, we will rinse the solution off the teeth and apply fluoride to the teeth to help ease the sensitivity that some people experience during tooth whitening.

At Home Dental Whitening

This application of teeth whitening requires a set of trays to be molded to your teeth to ensure that they fit securely. In our office we use the Kor Whitening System, which provides you with dental trays that are specifically designed to seal the whitening gel to the teeth, keeping out contamination from saliva that affects how well the gel works.

Once you receive your trays we will send you home with the teeth whitening gel that you can apply in the convenience of your own home and a time of your choosing. This method usually takes multiple applications over the series of a couple of weeks. Depending on the strength of the gel you may choose to apply it overnight or some only require an hour or two.

We also suggest that you brush your teeth before and after with toothpaste that is specifically made to help with sensitivity when whitening your teeth at home.

Whether you choose a professional dental in-office or an at-home teeth whitening procedure we recommend staying away from any food or beverages that have a high level of color pigment, such as curry, red wine, mustard, coffee, dark juices, or tobacco. Allow at least 24 hours after bleaching for your enamel pores to close to prevent re-staining.

Having a gorgeous bright-white smile can change the way you live from day to day. No more embarrassing moments where you don’t feel your best. Make an appointment today and be on your way to boosting your confidence by enhancing your beautiful smile.


  1. Kendall Ryder on July 22, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    When I got married I really wanted to brighten up my smile for the engagement pictures as well as for the big day. I did not have time to whiten my teeth myself so I went to a dentist to get it done. I am glad I got them done professionally. I didn’t want to have to wait for the long results by doing it myself and I think my teeth are much whiter than they would have been if I did it myself!

    • Monique Monique on September 12, 2016 at 7:12 pm

      Over the counter whitening kits do take a long time to see results. Seeing a dentist for whiter teeth allows the whitener to be customized for the best results. Congratulations on your special day.

  2. Moira Blythe on March 20, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    My sister has been telling me about getting her teeth whitened at the dentist. This seems like a really nice option and I appreciate what you say here about the procedure being done in less than an hour. It would be so nice to have my teeth whitened in just an hour!

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