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Get a Fresh Bright Smile for Spring

Spring is in full swing. Spring is often associated with bright sunshine, warm weather, blooming flowers, buddingFresh Smile for Spring - Denver CO Dentist trees and chirping birds.

Spring means a fresh start.

You may have cleaned up your home, you’ve likely been cleaning out your closet getting ready for a new wardrobe and you may even be going to gym and eating healthy meals to get swimsuit-ready.

While you’re in the process of making over your home, body and style, why not freshen and renew your smile?

Maybe you’ve been neglecting the enhancement of your smile out of busyness or maybe you’ve let years of poor oral hygiene and bad dietary choices get out of hand and you feel like it’s too late to improve your smile.

If you fall into one of these categories, schedule an appointment with us right away so we can clean your teeth and gums and examine them for possible issues. We’ll also suggest treatment.

If you routinely visit the dentist, and you’ve been following a strong at-home oral hygiene routine, a smile makeover can be as simple as getting veneers or having your teeth professionally whitened.


Do you have any teeth that are cracked, chipped, rough or misshapen?

If so, veneers are what you may need to enhance your smile for spring.

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain placed over the surface of teeth. They improve the look of your smile as well as correct any slight misalignment of your bite. They are also strong and durable enough to last many years if you maintain good dental hygiene.

Getting veneers is a comparatively quick, easy and routine procedure done by your cosmetic dentist in Denver, taking only one dental office visit and as little as a few minutes depending on how many veneers are needed.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Maybe you don’t have any noticeable dental malformities or abnormalities. Your smile is decent, but it’s sparkling white vibrancy has been muted by the inevitable yellow tinge that comes from use and everyday life.

Did you know that a teeth whitening procedure can greatly improve one’s smile in just a single treatment?

Sure, you can try the at-home teeth whitening kits and products and hope for the best, but these products take longer to yield noticeable results, and they aren’t as significant as they could be or last nearly as long as a professional treatment.

At LêDowns Dentistry, we use one of the most effective bleaching systems available to give you the whitest, brightest smile possible. The professional teeth whitening system we use is called the Kor Whitening System, which was developed by a renowned teeth-bleaching expert and dentist, Dr. Rod Kurthy.

The Kor teeth whitening system gives a thorough and deep whitening of every tooth, including the hard-to-reach ones.

Our professional teeth whitening in Denver CO is a fast and routine procedure with often little or no pain and discomfort. Your teeth will be noticeably whiter when you walk out of the office after your appointment.

Our cosmetic dental specialists will carefully apply the right amount of bleaching agent to give you a bright, yet natural looking teeth.

This spring, as you’re getting rid of the old and putting on the new, don’t forget your smile. Simple, quick, routine cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers and professional teeth whitening can be all you need to transform, freshen and brighten your smile for this new season.

If you’re looking to transform your smile this spring, contact us today at LeDowns Dentistry and schedule an appointment.

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