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LeDown’s Dentistry Visits Vietnam and Helps Local Children With Dental Hygiene

 A few weeks ago, members of the LeDowns Dentistry staff and their families took a humanitarian trip to Vietnam. We worked with kids in a local orphanage, providing living and dental supplies and toys as well as provide dental education and services to the children.

13909337_660669987418066_4040493277636466951_oIn case you missed any of our updates, below are the highlights from the trip:

Our team, along with other supporters were able to donate 75 dental goodie bags to a local orphanage, named the Danang Street Children Program. These goodie bags contained hygiene items including a toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. Besides handing out the goodie bags, our own Dr. Le, gave a brief tutorial on dental hygiene and the importance of daily flossing and brushing to the children.

About The Danang Street Children Program

This program cares for children ages 1 through 18 who don’t have a family or a home. Each child is provided for with living necessities such as shelter, food and clothing and an education. Street children in Vietnam often have limited life opportunities and tend to continue the cycle of poverty.

The Danang Street Children Program collects books, food, school supplies and living supplies. They don’t accept cash donations.

LeDowns’ Commitment to Service Both Here and Abroad13909384_660669970751401_3401312761709171463_o

We were honored to be able to make this trip and we thank our patients who contributed donations. Good dental hygiene is important for everyone. We feel that every child, even the poorest of the poor deserve a healthy, beautiful mouth. Preventative measures such as flossing and brushing can save these children from future dental and health issues. Here in the U.S., dental procedures can be costly, depending on what you need done. For someone who can’t afford such dental services, the problem will continue and will likely progress into something worse that may affect the proper functioning of the mouth or destroy the health of the rest of the body.  The children at the Danang Street Children Program are already at a disadvantage. We don’t want them to also have the burden of future oral health problems.

At LeDown’s Dentistry, we care about our patients’ oral health, whether they are Vietnamese orphans or local residents. We offer a wide range of dental services from cleanings to full mouth rehabilitation, fillings to root canals. Contact us today to set up an appointment and be on your way to having your best and healthiest smile.

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