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What to Look for in Your Personal Dental Care Products

Dental hygiene. Personal care products for daily care of the health of the teeth and mouth - mouthwash, toothbrush and tooth floss.Have you ever found yourself staring at the walls of dental products at your local grocery store, wondering which you should actually buy? Sometimes the choices can seem a little overwhelming.

Which toothbrush will be the best? Which toothpaste is effective and which is just hype? What in the world do you use that water pick thing for? Are whitening products worthwhile, or should I just leave that up to my dentist?

Many have already spent time and money on local dental treatments, such as teeth whitening Denver CO or Denver CO dental implants, and keeping up with your oral-hygiene routine is the best way to keep all that work in great shape.

If you’re going to maintain the best at-home dental routines, there are some things you should look for in your dental care products to ensure you get everything you need.


There is a huge variety of toothbrushes on the market, but there are only two things that are really important when it comes to choosing one for yourself.

First, you need the right kind of bristles so you don’t wear down the enamel or irritate the gums, and, second, it should fit comfortably in your hand.

Beyond that, there are two basic types that you might consider.

  • Manual – If you choose the traditional toothbrush, you need to make sure the tip reaches all the areas of your mouth, and it should still be big enough to brush one or two teeth at a time.
  • Powered – Electric toothbrushes provide a consistent result, and may help people who have poor technique. You should still look for soft bristles on the tip.

Remember to replace your toothbrush every three or four months. You should also brush up on your techniques, because it won’t matter how expensive your brush is if you aren’t using it right.

Dental Floss

There are several types of floss available – dental tape, waxed floss, woven floss and un-waxed floss. Which is right for you? This is something you may want to check with us for a personal recommendation because different types of floss may address different dental situations.

If you have trouble using floss or just dislike it, you may benefit from using dental flossers that can make the process a little more comfortable.


The variety of toothpastes on the market can be a bit surprising. Which is right for you? Well, first, you need to make sure it has fluoride. After that, you should check for the ADA approval to make sure it has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness and safety.

We will work with you to determine what will work best for your dental needs. Some people may require tarter control, whitening, or something that helps overly sensitive teeth.


Fluoride mouth washes help prevent cavities, and if it has anti-bacterial properties it can also help fight gum disease. Some mouth washes are alcohol based, though, and shouldn’t be used by children under 6.

Oral Irrigators

Water irrigating devices are not necessary for most people, but it might be recommended in some cases.

For example, people with braces and other orthodontic appliances may find them extremely useful. We might also recommend them for people with extreme dry mouth or periodontal disease.

The important thing to remember here is that they are not meant to remove plaque, so no matter what model you use, it should not be considered a replacement for flossing. If you use a water pick, get one that has reliable performance and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Right Tools for The Job

In the end, the best at-home dental care products are the ones you will use. Keep some of these recommendations in mind the next time you’re in the oral care section of the grocery store and make sure you get the right tools for the job.

Contact LeDowns Dentistry, your Denver Dentist, today for any other questions regarding how to keep up on your oral routine, our friendly staff is waiting to help.

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