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Dr. Downs

Meet Dr. Downs

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James C. Downs, DMD

James C. Downs, DMD: Received his degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Since then, he is recognized as a key opinion leader. Dr. Downs is an expert in comprehensive restorative treatment. He currently lectures throughout the US and Europe for the Dr. Dick Barnes Group. In his spare time, he likes to go RVing, fish, golf and spends time with his kids.

Dr. Downs went into the field of dentistry to figure out how to help himself. At 16 years old, he was kneed in the jaw during a soccer game. The hit left him unconscious on the field and when he woke, he had two fractures on his jaw and two teeth missing. This trauma slowly deteriorated his other teeth through the years. Some of his teeth ended up dying and looking very dark. His jaw would periodically lock open. He went through many dental continual education courses to be able to find the best way to get his own teeth and bite restored. Dr. Downs is a very empathetic and caring dentist due to the experiences he has been through.