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Root Canals

Root Canals

Root canals have long-since been portrayed as long, complicated ordeals that involve excruciating pain and can be the source of unknown complications. The truth, however, is that root canals alleviate pain due to tooth decay and infection. When tooth decay or an infection reaches the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, it is extremely painful and pus will begin to form around the tooth. If the pus is left untreated it can lead to a very painful tooth abscess that may require the tooth to be extracted.

Here at LêDowns Dentistry your root canal specialist in Denver CO will use the most advanced technology and effective techniques to relieve your pain and drain pus formation through root canal therapy. If the infection has not eaten away at your bone, root canal therapy can save your tooth and help you avoid more complicated and more costly treatment.

How Does It Work?

A root canal involves opening the top off the tooth in order to get to the infected area. We use tools that allow us to be less invasive than what was called for in the past. Once we clean the infected tissue and root canal spaces, we will fill the tooth with a material that will help ensure that it doesn’t get infected again in the future.

Typically, mild pain and discomfort as well as tenderness will be present in the few days following the root canal procedure. These will soon subside. During the time of healing, it is recommended that the patient eat soft foods to speed up their recovery and minimize post-procedure pain and discomfort. When the root canal procedure is done, the tooth will be restored to its normal strength and functional capacity. More importantly, you’ll have some relief from the constant pain of an infected tooth.

Contact Your Denver CO Dentist To Get Pain Free

While the old way of root canal therapy treatment has become ingrained in our minds, modern technology and techniques has made this procedure faster, more comfortable and less scary. This is a procedure that can immediately eliminate the pain in your teeth. You don’t have to  live with the pain, convincing yourself to “live with it” or tell yourself it will just “go away.”
Contact us today with any concerns or questions you have about the root canal treatment process or to discuss whether it is the best treatment to relieve your mouth pain.