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Should You Go to the Dentist if You’re Pregnant?

Do you know that your oral health can impact your overall health? It’s particularly important for pregnant women ot consider the health risks associated with poor dental care. For example, dental problems increase the risks of pregnancy complications. Pregnant women should strive to visit their dentist for checkups and treatments.

Increased Oral Risks During Pregnancy


Tooth Decay

Pregnancy will expose you to the risk of several oral complications. Teeth decay is the first problem. Pregnancy makes many women change their eating habits. As a result, many crave sugary foods, increasing the risks of dental cavities.

The interaction between sugars in carbohydrates with the mouth bacteria forms acid. Pregnancy also results in morning sickness, increasing acid in the mouth. The acid can cause enamel erosion and may lead to tooth decay.


Gum Disease

Mouth bacteria resulting from dental cavities spread to the gums, causing gum diseases (periodontitis).

Periodontal disease has the potential to cause serious pregnancy complications. Gingivitis and periodontitis are common gum diseases during pregnancy. Both diseases cause gum inflammations. The noted difference is that gingivitis can be cured, unlike periodontitis, which can only be treated.

Gum problems during pregnancy also happen because of hormonal changes. Women who have periodontitis run the risk of the infected tissues disseminating to the growing fetus. Complications like low birth weight and preterm labor happen because of periodontitis.

During your pregnancy, visit LeDowns dentistry for regular checkups. We will diagnose your oral health to treat the discussed issues and protect you against potential pregnancy problems.



Dysgeusia also happens as a result of hormonal changes in pregnant women. The problem will disrupt your sense of taste.

Dysgeusia is extreme during the first trimester of the pregnancy. You will experience a metallic taste in your mouth. The problem causes discomfort and can persist if you fail to address it.

A good dental expert will diagnose the severity of the condition. The dental specialist can advise you on some home remedies or treat the problem based on the diagnosis results.

LeDowns Dentistry advises pregnant women to rinse their mouths frequently if they currently have this condition. While smoking and drinking alcohol should also be avoided while pregnant, these behaviors can likewise increase the risks of dysgeusia.

Eating and drinking acidic foods can help address problems with dysgusia. However, the foods will damage your enamel. Try to avoid anything acidic to protect your teeth during pregnancy.


Pregnancy Tumors

Pregnancy tumors can be cancerous if not treated early. The condition is characterized by bleeding and reddish gums due to overgrown gum tissues. Another sign of pregnancy tumors is inflamed and swollen gums. Gum inflammation causes chronic pain and discomfort.

Pregnancy tumors can happen when you are in your second trimester or pregnancy. The first cause of pregnancy tumors is poor dental hygiene. Gum diseases also increase the risks of this condition.

Visiting a dental expert will ensure you receive quality treatment for pregnancy tumors. At LeDowns Dentistry, we can treat the problem and screen our patients for oral cancer.


The Importance of Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnant women must brush, rinse, and floss their teeth regularly out side of our care. Such teeth care prevents a buildup of plaque and mouth bacteria. Consult your dental expert about the best mouthwash and toothpaste for cleaning your teeth.

Dental cleanings are also crucial during pregnancy. Cleanings help diagnose and reduce teeth and gum problems that may occur during or be caused by pregnancy.

Dental cleanings will get rid of dental plaque and save you from tooth decay. The cleanings will also improve your oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene will prevent the buildup of mouth bacteria, which cause gum diseases.

Good oral health during pregnancy will protect you and your developing baby. In our office, we use modern technology to remove teeth stains, plaque, and tartar to maintain your oral health keep your smile shining brightly during and after pregnancy.


How LeDowns Cares for Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

Our Denver dentists will give you personalized advice and the best tips to protect your teeth and gums during pregnancy.

Visiting a dental specialist will also enlighten you about the best nutrition for your oral health. For example, calcium and vitamin D are essential nutrients for maintaining oral health during pregnancy.


Visit a Dentist Regularly During Pregnancy

Bad oral health can result in serious complications in anyone, but especially in pregnant womrn. Pregnant women experience oral microbiome changes, causing dental cavities and gum infections.

At LeDowns Dentistry we take pride in being reliable and compassionate dental experts. We provide comprehensive dental health care for the entire family, including cosmetic dentistry services.

Contact us today and let us help care for your smile, so you and your growing family can enjoy great dental health for years to come.

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