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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities are the most common dental health issue in America. In fact, many patients will develop at least one cavity in their lifetime. Fillings are the go-to treatment for cavities. Fillings are used to “fill in” and protect compromised portions of the tooth that have been damaged and destroyed by tooth decay. Without fillings, the cavity can spread throughout the tooth and infect nearby teeth. When cavities destroy a tooth, the hard, protective tooth layer, the enamel is destroyed, leaving the nerves and pulp of the tooth exposed and vulnerable to infection. Tooth sensitivity and pain, as well as possible abscessed teeth can result if fillings aren’t applied.

Dental fillings have been a hot topic of discussion because traditional, amalgam fillings contain traces of dangerous mercury. In the past, these toxic and aesthetically unappealing amalgam fillings were the only option. Today, there are modern tooth-colored fillings that are affordable, aesthetically pleasing and are made from a safe, durable porcelain composite that offer patients a superior filling alternative to amalgam fillings.

These modern, tooth colored fillings offer patients a realistic, white colored filling in place of the dark silver filling of amalgam fillings. Their composite material and coloring make them ideal for front teeth that are easily seen.

At LêDowns Dentistry, we only use tooth colored fillings. In fact, we have not used amalgam fillings for over 15 years! We do not believe in putting something that is potentially harmful in your mouth. We also want you to walk away with the best looking smile possible, something that traditional amalgam fillings can’t offer.

Don’t let cavities lead to worse problems. Make sure you’re getting your regular checkups and taking care of cavities before the decay spreads and a more drastic solution is required. Contact us to set up an appointment to see if you have any cavities that are in need of a filling.