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Veneers are a form of dental crowns.  Usually veneers are thin coverings that go over the surface of your teeth. In most cases, veneers are placed on the front teeth.  Veneers is a dental procedure that can do wonders for your smile, from hiding discolored teeth to filling in gaps between teeth, to correcting your bite.

Are Veneers Right for You?

Dental Veneers in Denver are an incredible way to get the smile you’ve always wanted, but they aren’t just for cosmetic purposes. Veneers can also restore the functionality of your bite and rebuild worn down enamel and strengthen you teeth due to chips and cracks that are existing in the enamel of your teeth. Here are some of the common reasons patients get veneers:

  • The presence of noticeable gaps between teeth
  • Teeth that have chips and cracks and worn teeth
  • Teeth that have noticeable, deep staining
  • Teeth that are crooked or have abnormally rough edges and ends
  • To reposition misaligned teeth and correct bite misalignment

Veneers are an effective dental treatment options for a variety of conditions. If in certain teeth that are severely compromised due to decay or trauma, a full crown will be done to restore those teeth.  Veneers are very durable and strong, lasting for many years. When you come in to see us for Denver dental veneers, you can bite and chew as you would with your natural teeth.  

What to Expect With Veneers

The process of getting veneers requires three visits to our dental office. On the first visit we’ll examine your teeth to determine  whether veneers are the best treatment option for you. We’ll then get models of your teeth and send it to our elite lab technicians for a custom wax up of your potential teeth.  Once we get your approval of the wax up, we will then get you back to prepare your teeth for veneers. You will leave after that appointment with dazzling temporary veneers that mimic your custom wax up.  During the third appointment, your custom-made veneers will be placed permanently.

Your veneers will be made by elite master technicians at a US based dental lab called Arrowhead. The final product are veneers made of the highest-quality materials that yield the best aesthetics and fit possible.

Contact us at LeDowns Dentistry. We’re an exceptional cosmetic dentist in Denver CO that can work with you through the process and teach you about how getting dental veneers in Denver can help your smile be the best that it can be.