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What to Do if your Oral Care has Gotten Off Track

Dental Checkup. Get on track.

There is a really good chance that your daily routines have changed somewhat over the past few months.

The unprecedented situation that we’re all currently living in has turned lives upside down as we all adjust to the “new normal.”

Unfortunately, we’re starting to get the impression from some of our patients that with all of these changes, a lot of the good oral care habits that we’ve spent a lifetime establishing are starting to slip a little bit.

Our old routines may have involved brushing, flossing, and rinsing right before heading out the door to work. After all, you want to make sure your breath is minty fresh before heading out to work, or to drop the kids off at school, or getting to college classes in the morning.

These days, it just may be that your college class is held online, your kids are doing their school at home, and your job may have gone remote. You’ve traded in your business casual attire for sweat pants and a t-shirt. If you don’t have a video-chat scheduled for the day, you may have put most your morning routines off until later in the day – including brushing and flossing.

It’s not like anyone’s going to notice while you’re stuck at home anyway, right?

Well, it’s important to remember that your oral care routines go beyond fresh breath and a bright smile.

It’s about keeping your teeth and gums nice and healthy.

So, if you – like many others – are sensing that some of your better habits have started to slip, it’s time to take a step back and make sure you are prioritizing your own dental health.

Getting Back on Track

Many habits begin to slide when the structure that surrounded and supported them begins to show some cracks.

The best way to counter this is to build a new structure that helps you get your regular routines back on track.

For children who are schooling at home, you may make it a necessary step that happens after breakfast and before booting up the computer. And just because the cupboards with the tasty treats aren’t that far away, that doesn’t mean they get to up their snack intake for the day. Such things should only be portioned out sparingly.

For adults that are working from home, the same can apply. You can still take advantage of the work-from-home situation and enjoy getting the job done in more comfortable clothes, but stay strict on your dental hygiene routines. Give yourself a time by which you must brush and floss every day.

You can also create a simple checklist or a daily log on which everyone (including adults and kids) can track their successes. This will make it easier for everyone to keep at it, because a little accountability can go a long way.

Your Daily Dental Routine

Let’s just take a quick look at all the things we, your friendly Denver Dentist, want to make sure we’re covering every day.

  • Brushing – You need to brush at least twice a day, for 2 minutes each time.
  • Flossing – You should floss at least once a day, making sure you get the spaces between all your teeth.
  • Rinsing – Mouthwash can be particularly useful to help clean your mouth after a period of less-than-effective oral care.
  • Eating right – Always remember which foods are bad for your teeth and which can actually contribute to a healthier mouth.
  • Tongue cleaning – There is a lot of bacteria building up on your tongue right now. Use a tongue scraper or your tooth brush to clean it off and avoid embarrassing bad breath.

Is Your Current Routine Enough?

Here’s how to spot whether or not your current routines are doing the job:

  • Do your teeth feel clean against your tongue, or is there a definite sense of fuzziness there?
  • Are your gums pink and healthy, or do they bleed when you brush?
  • Do those you interact with shy away from you as you speak?

Is It Time for a Checkup?

We recently discussed how delaying your dental care could have some very detrimental effects on your oral health.

We also talked about the challenges of getting your regular checkup in the middle of a pandemic.

So, we’ll just reiterate it here: getting in to see the dentist is a crucial part of getting your oral care back on track. We’re here to help catch you up on your overdue check-up and dental cleaning in Denver CO.

However, if you are experiencing any of the known COVID symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has, it is okay to postpone your visit for a little while.

But not too long.

Especially if you’re feeling pain or have any other sort of dental emergency.

We are taking all the necessary precautions to keep you and our staff safe.

Contact us today if you still have questions about dental care in our office or if you need help getting back on track at home

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