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What Your Smile Reveals to the World

Your smile says a lot about you.

While we’ve previously discussed how a smile is more important than you think, and examined the psychological and emotional benefits of a beautiful smile, it turns out that many experts believe that a simple smile can reveal a lot about you – or at least, a lot about your personality and how you’re really feeling.

For example: if you walk into a room showing of a big, huge smile, it says that you’re someone who is ready to be open with others and share a part of themselves.

But it goes a lot further than that. After all, most of us have seen smiles that were completely false or meant to hide one’s true feelings.

Does that slight smile from your significant other mean something more than you thought?

Is there more stress on that smile than they’re letting on?

Are we reading too much into a smile that disappeared all too quickly?

Let’s take a closer look at how smiles work and what they might be saying.

The Real Smile Formula

A truly revealing smile isn’t just about curling the ends of the lips in an upward direction. In fact, the smile equation is more like this:

Genuine Smile = 1 Part Mouth + 1 Part Eyes

The thing is, we often assume that a smile is all in the mouth, but that isn’t always the best way to determine someone’s mood. The muscles around a mouth can pull the edges of your lips up for many reasons, including fear, anxiety, embarrassment and confusion.

The way your smile reveals your mood and feelings to the world is how it combines with the muscles around the eyes.

If you’re smiling for real, then the skin around your eyes will bunch up, your cheeks will rise, and there will be a certain, undeniable energy behind it.

So, let’s consider what different types of smiles might be saying.

A Quirky Half-Smile

This is akin to a mischievous wink and hints at a more playful mood or sly intentions. In some people it could seem a little condescending, but in others it could be a sign of familiarity.

A Smile without the Eyes

This is the type of smile that we naturally interpret as a phony one or perhaps belonging to someone who is a little more smug than tolerant.

An Open-Mouth Smile

This is one of the more natural smiles that conveys a sense of warmth and friendliness. It is read as being more relaxed and having a lighter temperament.

A Closed-Mouth Smile

These smiles are more restrained and so they can give off sense of professional politeness, but in some situations might come off as a little negative.

Of course, all of these interpretations are just that: interpretations. We’re certainly not claiming that this is an exact science, or that you should overthink what your smile is telling the world around you. In fact, you can find other sources that categorize smiles in a somewhat different way, breaking it all down into reward smiles, affiliative smiles, and dominance smiles.

In the end, what really matters is not what your smile might be saying, but that you are smiling.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Smile

Many people hold back their smiles specifically because they don’t want to reveal anything about themselves. They want to keep their mood and their emotions hidden behind a wall.

That, of course, is all up to the individual, but here at LeDowns Dentistry we want to encourage everyone to take advantage of the psychological and emotional benefits of a smile.

We linked to the page earlier in this blog (so definitely check that out), but, essentially, a real smile has been documented to lead to a happier and healthier life, higher self-esteem, more confidence, better relationships, and peace of mind.

On the other hand, there are people who choose to hide their smile because they feel anxiety over some cosmetic flaws.

You don’t have to let those concerns stop you from sharing your smile.

At LeDowns Dentistry we offer a number of cosmetic dentistry and restorative services in our comprehensive dental solutions, so you never have to hide your smile from others. Be sure to contact us and set up an appointment for a happier, healthier smile.





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Did you know that a simple smile can say a lot about you, your temperament, and even your personality? Find out what a simple reveals about you.

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